Body treatments

Cellulite Buster

This mechanical massage helps to break down stubborn fats on the thigh, bottom and stomach areas.  It helps to stimulate the blood flow, reduce the appearance of cellulite and the orange peel effect. £35.00


Body Bliss

Tone, protect and nourish your skin with our fabulous new raw coconut body bliss treatment.  A coconut and sweet lychee body buff eliminates dead skin cells and is the perfect prelude to a light body massage, leaving your skin nourished, conditioned and deliciously scented. £45.00



Leaf it Out Detox Body Wrap

Our detoxifying three tea body wrap helps draw out toxins and eliminates water, whilst it's anti-oxidising and anti-allergic properties help fight against skin aging to maintain healthy, revitalised skin. £50.00


Fat Busting, Firm Up Body Wrap

Relax and enjoy our stimulating gel body wrap with fat busting super fruit guarana, horsetail and rosemary essential oil, which is great for cell regeneration.  It helps keep skin taut, reduces wrinkles, whilst re-hydrating and toning your skin. £55.00