Holistic Treatments


A safe non-intrusive hands on energy healing technique.

A holistic treatment for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of the mind, body and spirit... £35.00



A deeply relaxing pressure point massage to the feet triggering a relaxation response throughout the body. Encourages good health, promoting relaxation, easing pain, preventing disease and

improving quality of life... £35.00


Clear Your Mind

Relax and enjoy an nourishing and indulging Scalp Massage and Reiki Healing with

stress relieving and health promoting benefits... £40.00   


Spoilt for Choice Duo 

Can't make up your mind? Enjoy the uplifing energy of Reiki and Reflexology together to stimulate

all of your bodies systems and balance out your natural energy flow... £40.00


Energy Infused Back Massage

Includes a Back Massage to relieve tension followed by the healing Reiki energy infused into

the whole of your back... £45.00


Walking on Air

Breathe new life into your feet with a beautiful Reflexology treatment to refresh and re-energise,

followed by a lower leg massage... £50.00


Mind, Body and Soul

The ultimate in relaxation! Treat yourself to this truly top to toe treatment with a Full Body Massage and Reflexology treatment, finished with a deeply relaxing and energising scalp massage to complete your pamper... £55.00