Nice to know

Trials must be held no earlier than 4 weeks prior to the wedding.

It is not a necessary requirement for bridesmaids to have a trial.

Treatments which are included in packages cannot be exchanged.

Written permission is required for the use of professional photographer in the salon.

A skin test is required 48 hours prior to appointment time for any tinting services.

All clients are advised to arrive at the salon 15 mins before their appointment commences.
The salon requires that all mobile phones are either turned off or put into silent mode as a matter of courtesy.

The deposit to confirm appointments is to be payed no later than 7 days after receipt of confirmation letter.

All packages must be paid for in full on the trial day or day of first appointment (whichever comes first.)

Any add on services e.g. hair pieces, additional beauty appointments will incur an extra charge.

All outstanding treatments/services must be paid for 48 hours prior to the wedding day.

Free gifts are not exchangeable or refundable.

If a second trail is required it will incur a discountable rate.

Price may change - subject to annual salon price increases