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Read what our Clients have to say...


Had an amazing tension relief back massage from Liz. Highly Recommend! Can't wait for my next one smile emoticon

Kim Dale

My daughter & I spent a lovey Sunday having our hair done by Kate today. Having been ill before Christmas my hair was the last thing on my mind, however I wanted a real change, a new style for my unruly curly hair & a newly refreshed colour. Kate was amazing today, so attentetive & really understood what I wanted. My colour is stunning & she created my new hairstyle exactly how I wanted it. I came home feeling amazing. Thanks to Kate & all the staff at heaven on earth, even better as I walked in the door my boyfriend said I looked 10 years younger

Daisy Hill

When stepping through the door - you step into another world where you feel important and looked after. The massage was incredible .


I had a shoulder, neck and back massage. It was perfect! The staff were so friendly and welcoming, atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. I was taken upstairs to tranquil surroundings and explained fully by the therapist what would happen. The massage lasted the full 40mins and the therapist focused specifically on the areas I asked her to. Two days later I had noticed a huge difference in the tension I had felt beforehand which showed a really good quality massage had been provided. The therapist was called Charlie and I'll definately be booking back in again soon! Thank you Heaven on Earth! Happy Customer :)


Just been to the salon for a quick fix on a finger nail. It really doesn't matter what you are there for, the courtesy never falters. Always a relaxing experience with truly attentive hosts and efficient friendly practitioners.


Christine Boxall

Well what can I say. I had the best massage I've ever had here and I've been to many places. The atmosphere was superb and the staff was very friendly. The spa area was gorgeous and very relaxing and was very reasonably priced. Will definitely be back for another fantastic massage


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Samantha Ashcroft

I am a regular client at Heaven On Earth and wouldn't go anywhere else! Every stylist I have had cut and treat my hair has done a fabulous job! Lovely staff and an amazing experience every time! Would highly recommend!


Another great visit to Heaven on Earth today with a fantastic massage by Franscesca. The best beauty salon in the area. Always a friendly welcome and attentive staff. An extensive list of beauty treatments

Clayton Le Woods

If the service is as 'expected' then it is worthy of a verbal 'thank you' before you leave...however I stepped into Heaven on Earth in Leyland for the first time just for free consultation recently.  I was early, so I was shown to a seat, given a  choice of  complimentary refreshments and received  prompt attention throughout the appointment. I was so impressed I booked again that same day. The consultant knew her area of expertise which gave me confidence.  The receptionist did her utmost to search for a convenient appointment and was very flexible to fit in with me.


I was very happy to have booked initially and will be returning on a regular basis.


I visit Heaven on Earth Salon for a variety of treatments ranging form nails to massage. Each and every time I am there, the staff are very attentive and always make the effort to make my experience the best it can be. I would recommend all of the services offered at Heaven On Earth Hair and Beauty Salon to anybody who asks my opinionThank you Heaven on Earth


I have been going to Heaven On Earth for a number of years to have my hair cut and have always been happy when I walk out. Such a fantastic salon with lovely friendly staff. Claire my stylist is lovely we always have a giggle. Would definitely recommend the salon. Xx


Such a great salon , very accommodating , won't be going anywhere else ! X


The team at Heaven on Earth are only too happy to help. I very rarely get pampered, so my visit there is always a pleasurable experience and I often receive a lovely free hand & nail massage...gorgeous! They really look after their customers!


Recently had my hair cut by Hannah and absolutely love it. Simply the best cut I've had in years.

So why not give this 5 stars...got to say the coffee isn't great. For me the hairdressers is an hour to myself away from the demand of my family and time to sit with a current magazine and a nice cup of coffee. It's a little thing, but makes a difference to the experience.

That said...I'll be back. My hair is too lovely not to be!


Recently had my hair cut by Hannah and absolutely love it. Simply the best cut I've had in years.

So why not give this 5 stars...got to say the coffee isn't great. For me the hairdressers is an hour to myself away from the demand of my family and time to sit with a current magazine and a nice cup of coffee. It's a little thing, but makes a difference to the experience.

That said...I'll be back. My hair is too lovely not to be!


Fantastic salon and really friendly and welcoming staff thanks for your services!!


I visited Heaven on Earth today for my regular full body waxing. Daniella did my treatment for me. My welcome was warm and friendly, I started my treatment on time and felt totally relaxed throughout. Daniella was extremely thorough, ensuring that no hair was missed, she was confident and had a very professional approach. To finish my skin was massaged with beautifully soothing moisturiser leaving me feeling pampered and very smooth


I tentatively booked by phone today a lip and eye brow wax as this was my first experience of the salon. I was met with efficient receptionist who introduced me to 'charlie'. I can only say that the friendly courteous treatment that was given to me by Charlie, who incidentally did a really good job, has encouraged me to have Heaven On Earth for all my future beauty treatments


I always look forward to my salon visits! After working a very hard week, it's a fantastic experience and always a treat. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I always enjoy my treatments (very reasonably priced and varied, something for eyeryone!) and the complimentary hot chocolate is to die for! Go on, spoil yourself!!!


I have been a customer at Heaven on Earth for a number of years now for both hair and beauty treatments, and each time I visit it is a sheer delight. The staff are very experienced and always so attentive from the moment you arrive, and ensure that you receive a welcoming and relaxing experience throughout each visit. Absolute bliss

Fulwood, Preston

This is THE place for all your pampering and hair and beauty needs. From the moment you walk through the door you will be looked after by friendly professionals who know how to help you relax and who are highly skilled. Once you've experienced the ambiance nowhere else will match it. Enjoy!


I visit Heaven on Earth at least once a month and it has truly become such a haven for me that I thoroughly look forward to each visit. It is large enough to offer a diverse enough selection of high quality services, whilst small enough that they remember you by name when you arrive. They offer a 'Club Heaven' that gives members 10% discounts on their beauty treatments, etc. It is one charge per year, but if you are like me and use them regularly the savings become abundant over the year that the nominal charge is worth it. They also have special offers solely for the 'Club Heaven' members as well. I wholeheartedly recommend them


I visited last week for a cut and could not have been happier, from booking my appointment on the phone to visiting the salon the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I have been coming here for a couple of years and you do really feel welcomed and valued. The whole experience is very relaxed and I enjoyed the complimentary head and shoulder massage. I wasn't sure what I wanted with my cut but the stylist was extremely knowledgeable and advised me on what to have done. I was very happy with the results and will be returning again soon


I recently had a haircut here. From the minute I walked into the salon I was looked after by the attentive staff. My hairdresser was friendly and professional and I really love my new haircut. She also advised me on products and hair care as well as offering a head massage. I left Heaven on Earth feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I've had lots of compliments about my haircut.


I just love the place, never had my hair look and feel this good. Everyone's very friendly and they do it just as you ask, the products they use are top quality. I recommend you buy the shampoo and conditioner from them, it's a bit on the expensive side but lasts a long time and cheaper in the long run because you won't be chucking out shampoos that have been bought and don't have the same result. I also recommend the Cloud Nine spray to use before drying and straightening. Hannah is the stylist I have she's very experienced, I'm going back next week. Try H and E and you won't want to go anywhere else


'Heaven on earth' is literally that. The minute you walk in, youre transported to a world of calm & peace away from the hectic's of day-to-day life. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming and cannot do enough for you. The salon is laid out in a gorgeous fashion with tasteful decor in every room.

The therapists of all levels are extremely talented, never once had a bad procedure! Many times I have gone in with little idea of what exactly I want doing and worried about the consequences (Slug eyebrows? No thanks!) Yet every time I have had great advice and direction that is exactly what im looking for, and I come out feeling a million dollars! Treatments are reasonably priced and range from head to toe (literally!)

Theres not a doubt in my mind I would go back, infact its the only salon I use whenever I need something doing! Aswell as that, Ive often bought gift vouchers for others and theyve had nothing but positive things to say too (Your stone massage is apparantly 'divine'...must try it myself one day!)

A great salon, great staff, great prices & a fantastic experience every time!! Cannot recommend enough!!!!!

Clayton le Woods

H = Heavenly Hospitable E = Elevating Experience A = Amazingly Attentive V = Valued Customer E = Eclectic Hair N = Never too much trouble. My family have visited your store through three generations, we have been through Christenings, Weddings, First Holy Communions and...Party after Party, Thank you Heaven on Earth, all of your team care and its a wonderfully relaxing experience that uplifts you from the stresses of daily life. And the best bit is you come out feeling completely transformed and feeling Amazing.

Clayton Le Woods

Good location, excellent and accessible opening hours. Dedicated, professionally skilled and friendly staff team. Warm welcome, loads of great offers and competitions. Regular updates on Facebook keeping everyone informed, making this the best salon in Preston and South Ribble! Try it and you'll see!


In October 2012, my sister, Heather and I were visiting Leyland from the USA and we came to your salon for pedicures. From the moment we arrived were acknowledged and perfectly taken care of throughout the whole process.

I would like to thank Charlie and Daniela, and all the team, for your care, professionalism, and a truly special experience. We both left feeling as if we had really experienced "Heaven on Earth"

Thank you.

Bracken and Heather

What can I say?.......absolutly heaven! I have spent the last few months flitting between work and hospital to care for my father who is seriously ill. Needless to say I was absolutly shattered and a bit stressed. My husband rang up as a suprise to book me in for a pampering session. He booked me a massage, facial, geleration nails and a wash and blow dry. My husband did not have difficulty choosing these treatments as he found the advice he recieved on the telephone was exceptional (especially as he knows very little about beauty treatments). When I arrived this morning, I was greeted with a warm reception and an indulgent hot chocolate. Before my massage & facial, the beauty therapist discussed with me about problem areas to target and specific skin care needs. I was treated as an individual rather than 'just a client'. The treatments were delightful and I really could have fallen into a heavenly sleep. What I really appreciated was the therapist talking about the products she used in a subtle way and she gave me a leaflet explaining them. It was pure relaxation rather than a full on sales pitch which I have experianced from many other salons. After that I sought advice on my nails which were short and break easily. The therapist advised me on my options including how much it would cost to keep my nails nice. I was really happy with her knowledge and professionalism and delighted with the results. I was also offered a complimentary head and hand massage during my wash and blow dry. After two hours I walked out of the salon as a new person unlike the tired and stressed person who walked in.The staff are friendly and extremeley knowledgable, the service is delightful and the prices are reasonable.... overall, the name of the salon is extremely fitting - it is certainly Heaven on Earth. I can not wait to book my next treatments. Thank you - it was certainly what the doctor ordered.

Rachel Benischke

I have been coming to Heaven on Earth for over two years to get my hair cut and coloured and for all kinds of pampering beauty treatments. The staff are always really friendly and welcoming from when you book an appointment to when you leave feeling all refreshed and gorgeous! It's never too much trouble to have a quick fringe trim between cuts, and the complementary head and shoulder massage before cut and restyles, and hand massages while you're waiting are bliss. I was happy to join as a Club Heaven member to take advantage of lots of discounts on treatments - and I'll soon be spending my £5 voucher that I received on my birthday. What a lovely touch!A number of my friends are also customers, including a bride-to-be being pampered before her hen weekend and wedding - everyone has the same experience; we're warmly welcomed, looked after, pampered with high quality products in a gorgeous environment and leave feeling fantastic.I recently had an amazing hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage which left me feeling super relaxed and ready to face the rest of a busy week at work. The themed treatment rooms upstairs are a gorgeous get-away. Stepping inside Heaven on Earth means I can forget about stresses and worries and be treated, pampered and rejuvinated... Thank you all so much!


Amazing! once again my massage was so relaxing and after what has been a tough few months i decided to treat myself and my cousin to a pamper session. I had charlie and my cousin had Tara. Both girls made us feel totally relaxed and comfortable with ourselves. We LOVE all the rooms too! there so lovely and relaxing.Ive never felt uncomfortable with any of the girls they are all a credit to the salon and its very important that clients feel comfortable. Thank you for making our pamper experience a brilliant one and we will be back very soon :) Heaven on Earth is definately one to visit if you havnt already!!! xxx


Heaven on Earth is in a league of its own, it was my first visit to the hairdressing salon this year after using the beauty services for years and needless to say I was beyond impressed. The customer service is outstanding from the minute you walk through the door. My stylist was friendly and chatty but more importantly she listened to every detail and gave me the style I wanted and asked for. To top it off I was offered a complimentary Eyebrow Style, the beautician colored my eyebrows with a new styling kit and even offered me the kit at a discounted price. My overall experience was fantastic and I look forward to using all of the salons services in the future.


I love Heaven on Earth....there's no where else to go 7 days a week for hair, treatments & products. As a busy working mum the flexible opening hours & range of treatments allows me to have pampering 'me time' every visit. All the staff are professional & courteous, I cant recommend the Salon enough


I have been coming to Heaven on Earth for over 15 years. I work really hard, so finding a salon which looks after me and provides a tranquil haven once in a while has been an absolute god send ! From the minute you walk in the door it's like visiting friends - friends who offer soothing tea and biscuits, massage your stresses away, colour and style me beautfiful, then send me back out into the world refreshed and rejuvenated ! The refurbishments have only added to the experience with treatment rooms like something out of a top class hotel in a magazine. Heaven on Earth is my treat, my gift to myself - because I deserve it ! It's an hour of me time - my only hour of me time - when I know I will be looked after from beginning to end.


I've been a customer at Heaven on Earth for 7 years and always feel welcome, well looked after and relaxed. All the staff over the years have been professional, kind & thoughtful and I especially adore the complementary scalp massage with choice of Aveda oil and the complementary hand & arm massage...bliss! The salon, both hair & beauty, is always immaculate and I always recommend it to family & friends.


I have been coming to Heaven on Earth since it opened way back. I have always found it a really lovely and relaxing place to be, with a superb choice of treatments on offer and lovely relaxing hair treatments, especially the head massage you get when having your hair washed. It is a complete escape from a busy life with work and small children and it feels like such a treat.


Heaven and Earth is a place for all the family, to relax and enjoy all that is on offer. From the moment you step through the door you are met by friendly staff and are never left waiting for your appointment.
With great conversation, a free hand or head massage before your cut, it puts you in a great mood and you know you are in good hands. Upstairs you can enjoy all the delights of the beauty salon, I have had the stone massage, and full body massage where you can drift away, and somehow the world feels a better place. The best thing is there is no rush to get you in and out, you can relax to your hearts content until you are ready to leave. Thanks guys will be coming in soon to spend my £5 birthday voucher.. just another little treat they offer you.


I've tried many hair salons before but Heaven On Earth is the only one I can be sure of a pleasurable experience along with excellent customer service from the moment I walk through the door. The staff are attentive, very friendly and genuinely interested in giving you the best service they can. I love the lounge area where you can sit and have a coffee on a comfy sofa whilst your colour is developing, and the free hand/arm massage just tops off an already brilliant service. I always feel like a princess when I leave! Heaven On Earth really know how to treat you. Hope you can use some or all of it on your website, I genuinely mean every word.


I have been a loyal customer of Heaven on Earth for the last nine years. During this time I have watched the salon grow from the single shop front it once had, to the large premises it now occupies. From my experience I'm sure this success has been achieved through offering a quality and professional service to every customer, each time they visit. I have recommended the salon to my friends and family many times. Myself, my Mum and several of my friends all have our hair looked after by the lovely Claire. Here's to the next nine years!

Clayton le Woods

An oasis of calm where your every hair and beauty need can be fulfilled - by highly skilled and professional, friendly staff. You can be confident of the quality of service whilst you relax an enjoy your time in the salon."


From the minute I stepped through the door at Heaven in Earth, I was greeted in a professional yet friendly and personal manner. I took advantage of one of their monthly offers and saved pounds! It was certainly value for money and I left feeling pampered and spoilt. I now go back for all my hair with Lainie and beauty treatments with Lyndsey and I am welcomed every time and made to feel at home by all the staff.


As a regular client I have to compliment the wonderful surroundings the salon boasts both the hairdressing and beauty areas. I love attending the salon as I am always greeted with a friendly smile and this makes me feel extremely welcome and comfortable. During a consultation the staff always listen to what I want and are more than happy to spend whatever time it takes discussing hair styles/colours etc until I am happy. With this in mind, I always feel confident that what I want will be achieved. I am now happy to be part of Club Heaven which offers extra benefits and I would certainly recommend this salon to anyone. Thank you to a lovely and professional team and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


I have been regularly using the hair and beauty services at Heaven and Earth for nearly ten years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a friend. The staff are always friendly, professional and helpful and they make every visit an enjoyable experience with satisfaction guaranteed.


I have been coming to the salon since it opened and remember how Sally & Sharon first started and have watched their business grow. Customer service has always been of paramount importance to everyone who works in the salon and it is an 'escapism' from all our busy lives. The surroundings are second to none and you feel pampered as soon as you walk through the door. The products and the services are outstanding - who needs to go to an expensive spa when you have all you need on your doorstep.The team are always customer focused and cater to all age groups - why go anywhere else!!.

Buckshaw Village

Well what can I say about Heaven on Earth?! Maybe the fact I've been coming for all my hair and beauty treatments for the past 6 years says it all ! Fantastic hair salon and very relaxing upstairs Spa let's you unwind and forget the day for a while. Love the hair colour consultations and great advice and new ideas that I always feel confident to try, I've got a great relationship with the girls and always look forward to my next appointment, love it :-)) ooh did I mention the free hand massage a lovely bonus.

Clayton le Woods

It is several years now that I have been going to Heaven on Earth since my hairdresser of at least 25 years moved to Spain. One of my work colleagues recommended you and I'm so pleased that I chose you. My hair is so much easier to do myself in between maintenance cuts. It appears to be thicker and everyone tells me it looks good. I go to Australia at least once a year and I'm always asked where I have my hair done because of the cut. Apparently it's really hard to find a fantastic hairdresser there. We're so lucky here in Leyland to have such talented hairdressers, as well as the beauty therapists. Everyone is so friendly and dedicated to making any appointment enjoyable and making sure you come out looking a lot better than when you went in!!


I have been coming to Heaven on Earth for 11 years and have used both the hair and beauty services extensively. Both are first class and I continue to be impressed by the professionalism of all the staff. Whether I have been for hair extensions or a blow dry the experience and results are fabulous. For me it is a "luxury" which I could not do without! The beauty treatments are wonderfully indulgent and are truly Heaven on Earth. Well done to all the team and thank you for 11 years of wonderful hair & beauty treatments. Here's to the next 11 years!


I love Heaven on Earth....there's no where else to go 7 days a week for hair, treatments & products. As a busy working mum the flexible opening hours & range of treatments allows me to have pampering 'me time' every visit. All the staff are professional & courteous, I cant recommend the Salon enough

Ulnes Walton