Eyebrowz Enhancement Kit - Blonde

What it is:
Diffuse brow imperfections with our versatile and waterproof Eyebrow Powder. This product is designed for Eyebrow finishing and for filling in sparse areas.
Includes angled nylon powder brush shown.

About this color:
This sand beige brow powder will darken blonde brows by one to two shades. The result is a very natural and softly darkened brow.

Secret Tip:
If you have very little brow hair to start the puff brush works best to evenly and lightly spread out the powder over the stencil hole area. If you have some brow hair present, an angled brush works best to accurately and lightly place the powder in the areas that require it. 


Kit also includes Brow Setting Gel to set your powder in place for fabulous brows all day long! Apply your lash and brow rejuvenator and massage in for at least 8 weeks to aid regrowth. All packaged in a muslin reusable bag!   

Price: £19.95
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