Specialised Hair Condition and Smoothing treatments

Our range of hair treatments are prescribed to combat specific areas of concern with the hair and scalp, whilst improving condition and manageability, because beautiful hair starts at the roots!  


Keratin Smoothing hair therapy

This amazing professional treatment lasts up to 3 months.  It reduces drying time by 50% and eliminates frizz fro incredibly healthy, soft, shiny hair.  This versatile formula will keep the natural curl in the hair but can be relaxed for a smooth, straighter style if required.  An initial consultation is required. from £80.00



This innovative in-salon treatment will reconstruct your hair from the inside out by internally lining the disulfide bonds, which chemical processing and thermal damage break down - bringing your hair back to life!

With colour                    £20.00                                                                                                                                                                   Without colour service        £25.00


2 Step Hair treatment - Give your hair a sot of moisture, recharge your colour and reveal a luminous glow in just 5 minutes.  £5.00


4 Step Hair treatment - Rebuild your hair with our four step Keratin protein treatment.  Great fro blondes and hair that is dry, damaged or dehydrated.  £10.00