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Acrylic & Gel Nail Extensions

From £35

Nail extensions and overlays are a good way to add strength and length to your natural nails.  If you have a tendency to bite your nails, this can also be a solution, and instantly leaves your hands and nails feeling flawless.

Acrylic Nail Extensions


Make a statement with a striking set of flexible Acrylic nails which last up to three weeks.  Our Acrylics are a high quality professional brand which are available in a range of styles and lengths.

Our expert nail technicians will shape and customise to your requirements from a wide range of colours and accessories including diamantes and glitter.

Gel Nail Extensions


Gel nails are an extremely natural looking enhancement – thin, clear and flexible, and are much lighter in weight than conventional acrylic nails.  They are applied as a gel paste and cured under a special UV lamp.

Gel nail enhancements are perfect if you are growing out your own nails and want to protect them from cracking and splitting.  They can also be used for natural nail overlays to strengthen your own nails.

Infills    from £25
Polish £7.50
Gel Polish £10
Single Repair  £3
Removal  £14.50 (*£7.50 with new set)

Quick Dip Acrylic Overlays


Our new professional quick-dip acrylic overlay system is the perfect solution to add strength to your natural nails, and is available in french, a range of soft nudes, pinks, naturals, or clear.

This new system adds a thin, yet strong, natural-looking protective layer – perfect for weak nails that easily break.

The specialised coating lasts up to three weeks, and can be infilled or easily removed. Enjoy stronger natural nails with this quality nail treatment.

( This system is perfect to add strength to your nails not length )

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