Step 1 – Body Scrub: chill out with a full body polish using a grapefruit and sea salt rub. This treatment removes dead cells, leaving your skin deeply cleansed, even and soothed.

Step 2 – Body Wrap: a full body cocoa bean, self-heating wrap, packed with anti-oxidants – incredible for tightening and stimulating. While the wrap works it’s magic, enjoy a therapeutic scalp massage to calm the mind and reduce stress.

Step 3 – Facial: a rejuvenating facial with focus on the lips and soft skin around the mouth, where wrinkles can form. This facial will leave your skin glowing, and help to produce the perfect pout!

Step 4 – Hair & Light Make-Up: hair is cleansed and styled using our specialist tools and high-quality products to suit your style. Make-up is touched up as a complimentary service, leaving you ready to face the world.

Two and a half hours   £125