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Hair Colouring

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Our colour collection by Goldwell offers an extensive range for you to choose from, including creative fashion shades, hi-lift blondes, and subtle pastel tones.  The Goldwell brand guarantees durability and coverage with limitless possibilities.

The natural base shades, percentage of white, and the existing colour in the mid-length and ends of your hair, play a vital role in determining the right formula for your desired colour.  That’s why we always start our technical services with a thorough hair analysis.  We use Goldwell products due to their extremely low ammonia content, which ensures your hair and scalp remain in optimum condition throughout the colouring process.

A cut & style, or blow dry, must be added to every technical service in order to ensure complete satisfaction and will be charged accordingly.

It is essential that a skin sensitivity test is carried out at least 48 hours prior to the application of any chemical treatment.

 The minimum age for hair colouring is 16 years.

Prices vary depending on colour and length.

Master Technician

Permanent colour

Glossing and toning from…£35.00

Permanent Full colour from…£45.00

Lightening and toning from…£60.00


Scattered highlights from…£30.00

Half head highlights from…£50.00

Full head highlights from…£80.00


Balayage from…£100.00


Colour correction…Price by quotation


Permanent colour

Glossing and toning from…£30.00

Permanent Full colour from…£40.00

Lightening and toning from…£55.00


Scattered highlights from…£25 .00

Half head highlights from…£45.00

Full head highlights from…£75.00




Colour correction…Price by quotation

Treat your someone special…

We offer our hair services as a gift certificate