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Keratin Hair Smoothing Therapy

From £80 – £160

Keratin Smoothing Therapy is a revolution in hair technology.  While straighteners get your hair straight, they break the internal bonds of your hair and cause damage.  Keratin Therapy repairs these bonds, and protects your hair for the future.

Keratin Hair Smoothing System

£80 short hair
£120 medium hair
£160 long or thick hair

Life Saving – Time Saving – Frizz Free Hair.

This amazing  hair treatment smooths your hair, and reduces drying time by 50%.  The unique Kera-Collagen Complex penetrates deeply to create new keratin bonds that smooth the structure of the hair, while the precious babasis oil adds incredible shine.

Not only does it nourish and repair, Keratin Smoothing keeps hair hydrated, shiny and conditioned while protecting against humidity.

This treatment is formaldehyde free and is suitable for all hair types (also coloured and treated hair).

Results will last up to 3 months.

We recommend that you refrain from washing your hair for 24-48 hours after your treatment, although this is not compulsary  

Age guidelines:  minimum age 16 years and over
(16- 17 years with parental consent)

Keratin Express Smoothing System

Life Saving – Time Saving – Frizz Free Hair.

We love the amazing results Keratin Smoothing Therapy brings to our clients.  Keratin Smoothing Therapy suits all hair types, eliminates frizz, and works in a number of ways.

In less than one hour, volume and frizz-effect are under control for up to 8 weeks, and every day styling is made easier.  Kera-collagen Complex acts on the hair structure and repairs the bonds, while reinforcing hair fibres.  This treatment provides you with manageable and soft hair with an amazing long lasting shine.

Your Kera-collagen treatment is finished with a professional blow dry, which takes a further 30-45 minutes.

Age guidelines:  minimum age 16 years and over
(16- 17 years with parental consent)

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