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Men’s Head to Toe MOT Package 2018-07-23T15:34:38+00:00

Men’s Head to Toe MOT Package

85 Minutes – £75

The complete MOT service for men.  We rejuvenate your face and scalp, tune up your neck and shoulders, massage your back using volcanic stones, relax the muscles in your limbs, and use a paraffin wrap on your feet to leave you ready for the road ahead.

We start by removing hard skin from your feet, before starting a full body massage using pre-heated basalt volcanic stones sourced from deep in the earth.  This full massage covers your back, neck, shoulders and limbs, using invigorating oils to release toxins and muscle tension.

Your feet are then covered in a warm paraffin wrap to intensely hydrate and bring them back to life, while we massage your face and scalp to leave you feeling like a new man.

Treat your someone special…

We offer this package as a gift certificate