Babies Hair Cuts (0-2 Years)

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Your baby’s first hair cut is probably the most important.  Our team are experienced in working with little ones and keeping them entertained.  We’ll also present you with your baby’s first hair strand as a keepsake.

Your baby’s hair is generally fine and fluffy, and it’s very important to cut it in the correct way to promote healthy growth.

Our team have plenty of experience in cutting all types of babies hair.  We offer the option of a high chair, although most children of this age prefer to sit on your knee for comfort and reassurance.

We want your little ones to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience, as it’s important at this age to build confidence for their future visits.

Lollipops and biscuits usually help to make us good friends!

Creative Stylist

Babies Cuts…£8.50


Babies Cuts…£6.50

Treat your someone special…

We offer our hair services as a gift certificate