Tension Relief Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

40 Minutes – £47.50

A back, neck, and shoulder massage using warm evening primrose oil, which is a great anti-inflammatory and stimulates the flow of blood to stressed areas.  This is the perfect way to release built up tensions and soothe tight muscles.

One of our skilled therapists begin the treatment by applying a hot towel to your back to warm the muscles, before massaging with warm evening primrose oil.  This helps to deliver oxygen and blood to the treated areas to relieve day to day stresses and tensions.

A full back massage is performed to identify any areas of concern, before we work the muscles and relieve knots.  Your therapist will then massage the neck area and shoulders, working all trigger points to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The above prices are with our therapists, prices for our master therapists are available on booking.

Treat your someone special…

We offer this massage as a gift certificate