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Get yourself beach ready with sexy smooth legs or a perfect bikini line.  Let our therapists apply a luxury natural lavender wax to gently remove unwanted hair – fantastic in the most sensitive areas.
Discounted packages available

Lip or chin…£8
Lip and chin…£13 (save £3)
Wrist to elbow…£12.50
Half leg…£16
Full leg…£22.50

Full leg and standard bikini…£30 (save £7.50)

Half body package…£36.50 (save £7.50)
(includes half leg, bikini, underarm)

Full body package…£42.50 (save £8.00)
(includes full leg, bikini, and underarm)

Standard Bikini – £15
This removes hair from the outside of the underwear line and inner thigh. Perfect for the “Bridget Jones” underwear.

Extended Bikini – £20
Removes hair from the inner thigh and comes in further than the underwear line. This treatment also removes a small strip of hair from the top of the bikini line to neaten up the bikini wax.

Inbetweeny – £25
Perfect for g-string underwear. Hair is removed from the inner thigh and comes in tight to the upper area of the bikini line. A large strip is removed from the top of the bikini line and hair is removed from the bum.

Brazilian – £30
Removes all bikini hair, leaving a small “landing strip” above the pubic bone.

Hollywood – £35
Removes ALL bikini hair- this treatment does not leave a single hair.