Waxperts Hair Removal

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The unique blend of Waxperts waxes have created a point of difference that can be seen and felt immediately, to ensure you receive the most comfortable waxing experience.


Award-winning Irish brand has formulated their wax for the most sensitive skin, with a low working temperature to remove even the strongest hair.

Prior to your waxing treatment, your skin will be cleansed and massaged to cool and moisturise.  Our professional, fully trained therapists use only the finest products to give optimum results and superior performance.

Our luxury Waxperts Waxing System uses smooth, gentle lavender based strip wax, that glides on to make waxing a breeze.

Lip or chin…£8.50
Lip and chin…£14 (save £3)
Lip, chin and eyebrow…£20 (save £3.50)
Wrist to elbow…£12.50
Half leg…£16
Full leg…£22.50

Full leg and bikini…£30 (save £7.50)

Half body package…£36.50 (save £7.50)
(includes half leg, bikini, underarm)

Full body package…£42.50 (save £8.00)
(includes full leg, bikini, and underarm)

All clients should prepare for their waxing appointment by exfoliating the area being waxed to remove dry skin.  We recommend the hair growth be at least the length of a grain of rice.  You should moisturise the day before the appointment to ensure skin is in premium condition.  No body lotions, sprays, or perfume should be applied on the day of the treatment.

Full aftercare is given during your appointment.

Treat your someone special…

We offer this service as a gift certificate