Candle Oil Full Body & Scalp Massage

70 Minutes – £60.00

Our signature warming full body and scalp massage is the complete experience, indulging you from top to toe, using warm oil from our exclusive range of soothing massage candles.

Prepare to completely unwind in the capable hands of your therapist, as the warm essential candle oil, oozing with vitamins and minerals, is skilfully drizzled onto the skin and used to massage your full body and scalp.

This luxurious massage starts with your back, neck, and shoulders, to relieve tension, and relax the muscles.  Once completed, your therapist will work on your legs and arms, cocooning you in blankets to achieve a sense of peace and harmony.

Finally, your therapist will perform a calming scalp massage, gently targeting accupressure points to release built up tension.

Choose from one of our warm soothing massage candles, which are infused with the most indulgent fragrances including fig, honey, cocoa, or rose.   Not only are the fragrances amazing, but they also leave your skin fully hydrated and nourished.

The above prices are with our therapists, prices for our master therapists are available on booking.

Treat your someone special…

We offer this massage as a gift certificate