Men’s Hands & Feet Treatment

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For men who like to take pride in their appearance, our Hand & Foot Treatments are the perfect solution.  Dry skin is removed, and your nails revived along with a hand or foot massage, to leave your skin soft and supple.

Give your hands and feet a well earned rest with our rejuvenating treatments, specially designed for men.

Our Hand & Foot Treatments starts with a warm soak to soften the skin, before shaping & buffing nails, and tidying cuticles.  This is followed by a soothing hand or foot massage using a high quality hydrating moisturisers to condition the skin, and leave your hands and feet feeling amazing.

Hand treatment…£35.00 – 30 Minutes
Foot treatment…£45.00 – 45 Minutes

Treat your someone special…

We offer this treatment as a gift certificate