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High Definition Brows by Mii


For every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow, reveal the true beauty of every expression with brows tailored perfectly to you.  This is a bespoke eyebrow styling experience, which combines the art of tinting, waxing and finishing techniques to sculpt your new look.

Each personalised Brow by Mii treatment begins with a consultation.  During this time your brow stylist will use their knowledge, combined with your face shape, natural brow and the look you hope to achieve, to create a brow that is tailored perfectly to you.

The Brow by Mii system uses one of the strongest tints on the market with a versatile range of colours to give you a long lasting effect.  This is applied with our specialist tint applicators for extra precision.

The shaping then begins with our gentle wax, which has been developed specifically for brow work.  This is infused with calming chamomile and lavender for the delicate eye area.  The brows are usually trimmed if needed and the finishing techniques are applied.

During the finishing process, a Mineral Irrestible Face Base is applied to cover any slight redness, and a Conceal and Contour Duo is used to perfectly highlights the brow bone.

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