Men’s Face, Scalp, & Neck Massage

40 Minutes – £45.00

A popular pressure massage for men, that focuses on the build-up of stress and muscle tension in the areas around the neck, face, and scalp.  A truly therapeutic treatment for the mind, body, and soul.

This calming massage takes place in one of our relaxing treatment rooms on a heated bed.  Your therapist focuses on releasing tension and stress that build up in the tissues and muscles around the scalp, face and neck, using firm but gentle movements including acupressure points, which encourages relaxation, relieves stress, improves circulation and flexibility.

This massage also renews energy levels and is ideal for people who suffer from migraines or headaches,  and insomnia and can help to give you a better sense of well being.  We recommended this treatment once a week

Treat your someone special…

We offer this massage as a gift certificate