60 MINUTES – £50

A healthy alternative to botox injections using a synergy of gold, caviar, grape leaf, pearl and natural collagen to increase elasticity, circulation, and skin cell metabolism.

Our needle-free natural box procedure is exceptional for moisturising dehydrated cells and helps to restructure dermal tissue.  It’s packed with vitamin E which overtime makes the skin subtler and more soft – Perfect if you’re looking to turn back the clock and fight signs of lines/wrinkles.

We start by cleansing your skin with gold honey gel, and toning with gold toner.  This is followed by a facial polish and a resurrection collagen mask which (plumps up the skin to reduce fine lines???).

Gold eye contour serum is used to ????, before finishing the procedure with gold moisturiser to (lock in hydration and give the skin glow?)

Treat your someone special…

We offer this massage as a gift certificate